Friday, April 21, 2017

Letter to Mathematics Teachers of Adolescents
Why am I still here?  Because there is not a person to take my place.  You want to make a difference then believe that intelligence is the ability to learn.  Therefore we have, possess, and must nurture that ability.  Knowledge is available for anyone with the willingness to pursue it regardless of gender, race, ethnicity or country of origin.  If you believe this is true then you should answer the call to teach our urban youth.  The ones who have forgot the work achieved through Brown vs. Board of Education. The ones who have believed the lies taught and lack the guidance to know the difference.  Are we not obligated to teach our youth?  Is the reason they are lost because we have turned our backs on them in pursuit of our own endeavors.  And yet they remain in poverty perishing for their lack of knowledge and our unwillingness to share.  So I guess I am here still because I am needed and though I have tried to move on I am still answering the call to help.  Will you join me?

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