Friday, April 21, 2017

I believe…. When teaching one must bring the students from where they are to where they need to be. As a teacher I am flexible, inventive, and tenacious.  Flexibility enables a teacher to formatively assess students during the lesson considering the context of the classroom environment.  As a inventive mathematics teacher, my job involves situating learning for my students, so that they confidently acknowledge themselves as knowers and doers of mathematics.   Adapting to meet the needs of my students creates a student centered environment where students learn from their mistakes and develop a deeper conceptual understanding of math topics.
I believe …..As educators, we brainstorm ways to help our students become engaged critical mathematics thinkers while they transition towards adulthood. I always strive to help my students succeed beyond the school walls.  I encourage them to discover pragmatic ways of using mathematics in the real world.
 I believe…in working together in promoting mathematics equity for all students, which requires   programs that encourage underrepresented students develop confidence in learning mathematics. My ultimate goal is for more students to become empowered through applications of mathematics disciplines in their lives. When I give back to my community mentoring and tutoring students in mathematics I fulfill my purpose.

 I believe ... in staying connected to the classroom, my community, while working directly with students, teachers, parents, and all stakeholders. 

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